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Not All Floods Are Created Equally

Montgomery, AL is no stranger to flooding. We’re in a low-lying area close to the Gulf of Mexico and we get A LOT of rain. That means we’re perfect candidates for typical floods and flash floods. Flash foods are different from typical flooding because they happen so quickly. Flooding is the result of extended periods of rain or other precipitation and happen six hours after the causative event. They tend to occur because larger bodies of water rise above their banks dues to extended periods of rain. Flash floods, however, happen very quickly, within six hours of the causative event, and rarely last more than twelve hours. They can develop anywhere water collects, especially in areas with steep terrain or water runoffs.

Regardless of what kind of flooding you are dealing with, if your home is in its path, you will be dealing with the ramifications for a while after the waters recede.

August 2017 Flooding

After the Flood in Montgomery, AL

Once the waters do recede, you can take stock of what you’ve lost and what you can repair. The hope is that you can just go back to your regular life. But, there are some things that you need to do before moving on. If the inside of your home has even slightly been damaged by water, it is likely that you will have mold in the not-too-distant future. Using dehumidifiers, removing affected carpeting, even replacing your furniture are excellent starting points, but what about the moisture that can seep deep into your walls?

Because mold needs moisture, not water, to grow, you don’t have to have sopping wet drywall and sheetrock to have your home be a breeding ground for mold. If you are worried that you may have mold in your home as a result of recent flooding in Montgomery, AL, call Mold Test USA. Whether you decide to hire us to perform your mold inspection or not, we will be happy to answer your questions, for free, over the phone, with no obligation.


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