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How Do I Know if My Fresno, CA Home Has Mold?

Sometimes, in Fresno, CA, mold problems are obvious. You smell something strange, you follow the sent to the back of a closet, and pull out the leather boots your put away at the beginning of spring, only to find them covered in a grey powder. That’s a clear mold issue and something you can get started on immediately. But, what if the problem isn’t so apparent? What if you can’t smell or see anything, but your allergies have been acting up in weird ways? Or you feel fine, but your child has been getting a strange rash and their eyes have been red and watering lately? That could definitely be a mold problem, but it could be something else entirely. So, what do you do?

First things first, if your child is having strange symptoms, take them to the doctor. Whether it’s mold or not, their health should be the priority. After that, call Mold Test USA. If your problem is mold, we can give you all the information you need to take the next steps.

What Can Mold Test USA Do for Me?

When you call Mold Test USA, you will talk to one of our over 200 affiliate mold inspectors. To start, we can answer many questions over the phone, at no charge. We will also schedule a convenient time to come to your home and perform our thorough, 52-point visual inspection of your home, as well as performing air and surface sampling. With this testing, we are able to tell you not just if you have elevated levels of mold in your home, but what kinds of mold are present and just how elevated those levels are. We will also identify places in your home that are especially hospitable to mold, so that you can better prevent any mold issues in the future.

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