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Mold Test USA serves the Los Angeles area with industry leading mold inspection services. When calling a mold remediation specialist into your home, they’ll likely propose an expensive mold removal service without properly testing your property or determining whether the mold is harmful or not. At Mold Test USA, we ensure your home is thoroughly tested for mold spores before you invest in remediation services.

With over 100,000 different types of mold in California and throughout the United States, it’s crucial to assess your problem as soon as you suspect a mold issue in your home. A variety of household molds, especially black mold, can lead to respiratory issues, flu-like symptoms, circulatory problems and more.


Commercial Mold Inspection in Los Angeles, CA

When finding or suspecting mold in your commercial property, a mold inspection should be conducted immediately. A mold problem can be detrimental to your business and negatively impact the health of you and your employees. If not handled promptly and correctly, mold can open the door to serious health conditions and law suits.

Our inspection team will determine the type of mold present, whether or not the spore count is elevated, and the location and source of your problem. Once the issue is confirmed and assessed, you are free to select your mold remediation company of choice. Mold Test USA will gladly recommend certified mold removal companies throughout Southwestern California for your convenience.

Our Los Angeles based mold inspection specialists are fully certified and have served clients throughout the Los Angeles area including Granada Hills, Canoga Park, Sherman Oaks, Hollywood, Westchester, San Perdo and more.


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