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Mold grows in moist conditions. Especially when there is leaking water in hard to reach places that we may not know is happening. If you did not know, all mold needs to survive are three small factors, which are water, oxygen and food. Mold and fungi don’t belong indoors. The only mold and fungi that you should find should be located outdoors.

When you find mold indoors, mold can have a negative effect on your health. Indoor mold can aggravate you and your loved ones health by providing respiratory issues, such as, coughing, asthma, allergies, irritation on the skin and more. The sever reactions of mold exposure can include breath shortness, fever and more. You cannot let mold take control of your life and the life of your family. If you see or suspect mold in your home, you must take the initiative of calling a mold inspection and testing service provide.


Who should I Call to Inspect and Test Mold on My Property?

When you are seeking for a company to inspect and collect samples from your property, you must make sure that the company you choose can also test those samples. A company that can inspect, collect and test is important. Who really wants to jump from service providers to service provider just to get inspected, collected and tested. Somewhere along the line there can be some form of miscommunication. Start with a company that can do it all and can provide you the answers that you are in need answering to.

If your mind was set on calling a remediation company to inspect and test samples collected from your property, you must not. A remediation company will only be beneficial to you if you need a service provider to remove mold off of your property. Let’s say you suspect that you have mold on your property but aren’t really sure if you do. A remediation company goes in and removes any presence of mold. In other words, only call a remediation company once you have confirmed that what is in your home is mold.


Mold Testing & Inspection in Cincinnati, Ohio

Don’t let the health of others and yourself be compromised by the presence of mold. Our mold inspection and testing experts are certified to provide you with the leading testing services. Mold Test USA is available 7 days a week. Our mold consultants are always prepared to inspect and treat any signs of mold.


Relying on Mold Test USA

There are mold testing companies in Ohio, but, we want to list a few reasons why you should rely on Mold Test USA for your mold testing and inspection needs.

  • Mold Test USA will walk you step by step in the process of mold inspection and testing.
  • A Mold Test USA mold assessor will walk though your property to inspect every inch of your property and collect samples to be sent to our laboratories.
  • Mold Test USA’s team of biologists and microbiologist work together to bring you your mold results.
  • Mold Test USA will deliver to you unbiased mold testing results.
  • Mold Test USA, once you set an appointment, will preform a post inspection if you have to have remediation come in.


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