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You Should Feel Safe in Your Colorado Springs, CO Home

Whether you rent or own your Colorado Springs, CO home, you should feel safe and secure, knowing that you have a healthy living environment for yourself and for your family. Unfortunately, not everyone has that sense of security when they walk into their home at the end of the day. In fact, some people end up dreading going home because they know that, despite their best efforts, they are going home to a sick house or apartment. That’s not fair and it’s not right.

This is especially terrifying if you, like Ariel Enlow, are raising your child in a potentially dangerous environment. Knowing that your home is unsafe for your children must be one of the most helpless feelings in the world.

What if My Landlords Refuse to Do Anything About My Mold Problem?

If your landlord or property manager is resistant, or outright refuses, to handling your complaints and concerns, you do have rights as a tenant. In most cities, there are organizations that advocate for tenants’ rights. What we can tell you is that, if your landlord does have a mold inspection performed, they are not required to share the results of that inspection with you. By hiring a reputable mold inspection company yourself, you are guaranteed to be the only one who receives the results. Having that knowledge puts you much more in control of your situation. You can take those results to your doctor, to your landlord, and to the mold removal and remediation company of your choice.  You can also take them to your lawyer, if need be.

Why Mold Test USA?

Mold Test USA requires all of our over 200 affiliate mold inspectors to be highly trained and certified, well beyond government, and industry, standards. Plus, all we do is inspect for mold. We do not offer removal or remediation services. That is because doing so is, in our opinion, a conflict of interest. Because we do not offer removal services, we have no reason to lie or embellish our findings to encourage “add on” sales. In short, Mold Test USA not only offers the most thorough and scientific mold inspections available; we offer the most honest inspections, as well.

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