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Mile High Living in Denver, CO

Being a new home owner in Denver, CO, the Mile High City, should be one of the most exciting times of your life. You get to pick and choose every detail in your new home. From the crown molding to the type of hardwood flooring, recessed lighting to the wall color. But all of that joy can quickly turn to misery if, like this Longmont family, you fall victim to shoddy construction and a builder who won’t stand by their work.

It heartbreak to read and terrifying to think that it could happen to you, too. And it happens more often than you might expect.

And it’s not just poor new construction that has glaring problems like these. Too often, property managers and landlords, particularly in lower income areas, force their tenants to live in unsafe and unhealthy spaces. Refusing to take relatively simple steps to ensure the health of their tenants, even when not doing so is completely illegal. These landlords, or slumlords, should be held accountable for their properties. Forcing families, especially low-income families, to live in dangerous conditions in unconscionable.

Find Peace of Mind with Mold Test USA

Regardless of where you are or, what your socioeconomic standing is, you have an ally in Mold Test USA. If you are concerned about mold levels in your home, we can help. We offer a thorough inspection of your home that will answer any questions you may have about the levels of mold, and what kind of mold exists, in your home. And even if you do not hire Mold Test USA, call us. We will answer any questions we can, over the phone, for free.

At Mold Test USA, your, and your family’s, health and safety is the most important thing to us. It’s why we started our business and why we have dedicated our lives to ensuring the safety of others.

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