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Not Just a Hot Weather Problem in Loveland, CO

Mold is a common problem in Loveland, CO, more common than you might think. Many people think that we don’t have as much to worry about because Colorado is so cold for so long. Unfortunately, hot, humid summers and cold, damp winters essentially make Colorado a field day for mold. If you’re worried that you have mold in your home or business, having a thorough mold inspection performed as soon as possible is your best bet for knowing what you are up against.

But Doesn’t Mold Need Warmth to Survive

Mold really only needs three things to thrive: oxygen, food, and moisture. In the winter, we keep our homes about as warm as we can get them. Nothing really feels as good as walking into a warm home when it’s freezing outside and you’re covered in snow. Unfortunately, there are a couple reasons that keeping our homes so warm sets us up for mold.

First, we all know that it can get a little stuffy in our homes in the winter. Especially since the heat is running 24 hours a day. Sometimes we’re willing to risk a little chill in our homes to get them aired out. So, we open our windows for a few minutes, allowing air to circulate and freshen things up. What we don’t often realize is that by doing this, we’re allowing moist, cold air to hit our home’s hot water pipes and warm nooks and crannies. That moist, cold air hitting those warms surfaces causes condensation to form. Because this often happens in places that we do not have easy access to, or can’t see in the open, mold is able to grow unchecked.

Second, no matter how well your home is insulated, exterior walls tend to be quite a bit cooler than the interior walls in our homes. Because these walls are bookended by a warm home on one side and the cold outdoors on the other side, moisture builds up rapidly and they can easily become rife with mold. Moist drywall, sheetrock, and other surfaces offer the perfect home for mold as they are made of the “food” mold needs to exist.


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