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Mold Test USA has been listed amongst the premium mold testing & assessment service providers in Hartford and New Haven, CT. Our services are highly appreciated by the natives of Connecticut because of the efficiency and accuracy of the delivered results. We assure to let you experience mold testing and inspection services at the most competitive prices in the region. Our comprehensive professional approach and the use of only licensed inspectors simply add to our reliability and worthiness. Be it a commercial or private property, our team of assessors look over the premises extensively prior collecting the samples. We have the expertise and skills to answer every query you may have throughout the entire process.

When samples are collected, Mold Test USA in Hartford and New Haven, CT only makes use of the contemporary technology and the technologically advanced equipment. We are known to deliver precise evidence of exactly what you and your family are breathing. You can simply rest assure for our unbiased results, as we do not provide any type of mold remediation services and solutions. We do not focus on creating leads for generating revenue through mold remedial solutions.

In the case of any acute clue of water intrusion on any wall, our professionals collect in-wall samples and try to examine whether there is any concern underneath the surface. Collection of surface samples is done in the case of the visible growth of mold.There are various types of molds that are easily airborne until and unless they are disturbed. Such types are classified as dreaded toxic black mold Stachybotrys. We have the expertise and the right tools to assess them too effortlessly.


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There are many reasons due to which you will need to take up services with Mold Test USA in Hartford and New Haven, CT. Whatever the reason, you will not be disappointed, we use only licensed & certified mold testing & assessment inspectors and a team of  dedicated biologists & microbiologists to analyze the results and BBB accreditation with A+ rating.


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