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Flooding is the most common natural disaster in the United States, and Wilmington, DE has certainly experienced its fair share. Situated on the Christina and Delaware rivers, Wilmington, are home to historic floods that have scarred New Castle county. For example, The Gale of 1878, Hurricane Floyd in 1999, and remnants of Tropical Storm Henri in 2003. No hurricane has made landfall in The First State in the last 150 years. The Delaware News Journal, however, says this “lucky streak” will not last forever. After Hurricane Florence ravaged North Carolina’s coast in September, Delawareans were warned to prepare for that kind of devastation in the future.

“From a probability point of view, it’s only a matter of time before a significant hurricane or coastal storm results in the type of damage that we’ve seen with [The Ash Wednesday Storm of 1962] or Sandy, or even something like Florence,” said Christopher Bason, executive director of the Delaware Center for the Inland Bays, in the Delaware News Journal.

The Future of Wilmington, DE

As residents of Wilmington, DE precautions are already being taken to address present flooding issues. A recent $3 million federal grant will allow construction to start in April 2019 on the Wilmington Wetland Park project, meant to ease flooding. These lowlands are victim to floods from the Christina River during high tide and heavy rainfall. Currently, water isn’t able to recede back to the Christina River. Instead it flows into the streets and backs up the sewer system.

An article by WECT 6 says mold is “a four lettered word for storm recovery.” If water or moisture has permeated your home, the work starts now to prevent mold growth. We believe certified mold testing is an essential first step in providing an unbiased report of mold in your home. Because we provide testing only, not remediation services, there is no conflict of interest in our results.

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