Do I Really Need a Professional for Mold Testing?

Mold Testing
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When you see mold in your home, it is important to immediately get a mold testing and inspection. There are a variety of different mold types that can lead to dangerous health problems. In some cases, having mold in your home can even cause life-threatening consequences. Whether you have asthma or want to protect your children, getting mold testing is an important first step in treating your home for mold issues.

What Happens During Mold Testing?

You may need testing if you have seen or smelled mold in your home. Inspections are important when you are buying a new home or want to sell a property. If your home or business has suffered from water damage, you may need an inspection. An inspection is also important if you are experiencing health problems that are typically associated with mold exposure.

The entire testing process begins with three samples from your home. During the inspection, we take three samples that are sent to an accredited laboratory to be analyzed. Your inspector may also take an outdoor control sample, two surface samples and an indoor air sample. These samples help the inspector see how bad the problem is and the type of mold.

The Inspection Process

During the actual mold inspection, the inspector will perform a 52-point check. This inspection involves looking at areas that could potentially develop mold growth as well as places that are currently experiencing mold growth. Afterward, you will get a report about the 52-point inspection. Your certified inspector will also discuss any problems that they find and whether you need additional mold testing.

Once the initial inspection is done, the tests are sent to the laboratory. The results will generally be available in three to five days. If you are experiencing symptoms of mold problems, you can expedite your results and get them within just 24 to 48 hours. A certified mold inspector will call you to discuss your results and review any recommendations.

The Mold Test USA Process

Mold USA does not perform any remediation services. If you need mold remediation, we can help you find a company that can help. Mold USA does not receive any kickbacks from remediation companies because we only offer recommendations as a way of helping our clients. Our only job is to conduct inspections because we do not want to have any conflict of interest.

If you get mold remediation for your home, you can call us after the remediation work is done. Then, we can do a follow-up test to see if the remediation work was successful at removing mold. We generally recommend this option because a follow-up test helps to keep your remediation company honest and ensures that the mold is actually gone.

What Is the Difference Between Mold Remediation and Testing?

A mold remediation company is trained to provide mold removal. Meanwhile, a testing company focuses on mold detection. While you need to test and treat your home for mold, it is generally not a good idea to hire someone who performs both tasks.

If your testing company also does remediation, then they have a vested interest in finding mold at your property. They also have a vested interest in showing that your home is free of mold in your follow-up test. An unscrupulous company may show that your home is free of mold after remediation because they do not want you to question the quality of their work. Similarly, they may tell you that you have mold so that you hire them for remediation. By hiring separate companies for mold remediation and tests, you can prevent conflicts of interest like this from happening.

The Advantages of Getting an Inspection

Mold is bad for your health. Over time, it can break down building materials and lead to expensive repair costs. In addition, mold problems get worse and more expensive to treat if you wait longer to treat them. By getting mold detection, you can spot potential issues before they become a major disaster.

Discover Hidden Issues

One of the benefits of getting mold testing is that it allows you to find hidden problems. While there are cases where you can obviously tell that mold is present, this is not always true. Testing helps you see if a faulty HVAC system or a ceiling leak has caused mold spores to grow. If the laboratory results show that there is mold present, you can find and fix problems early. Otherwise, you may end up living with mold in your home for years without realizing it.

Fulfill Legal, Mortgage and Insurance Requirements

Sometimes, a third-party requires testing services. Your mortgage or insurance company may require testing before you are qualified for a new mortgage or an insurance plan. When this happens, we can quickly help you show that your home is free of mold.

Keep Your Family Safe

One of the most important benefits of testing is that it protects your family. If you are about to do home renovations, you could end up disturbing the mold and releasing millions of mold spores. Before you do any remediation work, you need to know if mold is present so that you can take the proper precautions.

Ensure Better Remediation Services

If you use different companies for your testing and remediation services, it can help you save money. By getting an inspection company to test your home before and after remediation, you can keep the remediation company honest. When the remediation company knows that you will do tests afterward with a third-party company, they use their best teams on your project and make sure you get high-quality results.

Avoid Costly Repairs

In a perfect world, a remediation company would only do the repairs you actually need. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. When you hire a remediation company to do mold tests and repairs, they have an incentive to exaggerate the problem because it leads to more repair work for their business. Unethical companies may even try to tell you that there is a mold issue when there is not any mold present. Because of this, smart homeowners and business owners hire a different company to do their mold tests.

Learn Which Areas Are Contaminated

Before you put up a new ceiling or flooring, you need to know which areas are contaminated. Otherwise, the same mold issues may return to your home right away. By getting testing done, you can figure out which sections of your home actually need repair work and avoid releasing mold spores during your renovations.

Prevent Health Complications

Having mold in your home can lead to problems with allergies and infections. If someone in your home already suffers from an autoimmune disease, mold exposure makes dangerous symptoms more likely to occur. Mild symptoms of mold exposure include skin rashes and common cold symptoms. In serious cases, you may suffer from infections, dangerous neurological conditions, chronic headaches, respiratory issues, asthma complications, fatigue and toxic mold syndrome. Early mold exposure is also linked to asthma development in children.

Reduce the Risk of Structural Damage

The presence of mold is a problem for your health and for the structural integrity of your home. It can also be a sign of a leak or water damage. Mold needs water to grow, so mold growth means that water is leaking somewhere in your home. Before long, mold and water damage can lead to issues with electrical wiring, wooden structures and insulation.

Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

According to the World Health Organization, more than half of pneumonia deaths among children under the age of 5 happen because of indoor air pollution. Each year, indoor air pollution causes 4.3 million deaths. If your home harbors mold, you have a major air pollution issue.

Mold spores are inhaled when you breathe. Then, they settle in your nasal passages and lungs. If you have black mold in your home, then you have to worry about toxic mold exposure. No matter what type of mold is present, it can lead to major respiratory problems.

Do You Need to Use Separate Companies for Mediation and Testing Services?

While using different companies is not a requirement, it is definitely a good idea. When you use different companies for your mold testing and remediation, you get an unbiased inspection. One company can look for mold and perform laboratory tests. Then, you can hire remediation services if you need them.

When the same company performs your mold inspection and remediation, it has a conflict of interest. If the company tells you that you do not have a mold issue, then the business will lose money. If one company provides both options, they have an incentive to exaggerate or even make up problems.

Mold Test USA Can Help You

At Mold USA, we can help you with mold detection. Unlike other companies, we never perform remediation services. The only thing we do is inspect your home for mold. Afterward, it is your choice whether you want to perform remediation services. If you need remediation work, you have to go to another company. Because we never perform remediation work, we have no conflict of interest or bias. Our only job is to tell you whether mold is present or not.

Through our company, you can get help inspecting your home for mold. Our team consults with residential and commercial properties throughout the nation. To find out more about how Mold USA can detect mold problems, call us today and get started.


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We have experienced mold specialists standing by to answer any questions that you may have regarding residential and commercial mold testing and mold inspections!