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If you’ve lived in Florida for long, you have the nose for mold. It becomes like a sixth sense, doesn’t it? You catch a little whiff of it and the next thing you know you’ve found your rarely worn, good leather shoes, growing a layer of fuzz that will not match your belt. Or your wedding dress in a bag, with mold growing up the seams. Do you get the feeling I’m from Florida?

Floridians know all the “tricks” to taking care of mold. Spray vinegar on it, spray bleach on it, spray witch hazel on it… 

Don’t spray those things on it. Mold is microscopic. That means that if you can see and smell mold, you have a full-blown mold colony in your home. Wiping mold down and spraying it with a household cleanser isn’t going to get rid of it. In fact, you’re more likely to cause millions of mold spores to float around in your air, causing any number of uncomfortable and potentially dangerous symptoms.

The Perfect Storm

Florida combines nearly constant heat with absolutely constant humidity. That makes it the perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew. In fact, mold is such an issue in Florida that it is one of two states in the US that has passed laws in regards to mold testing, inspection, removal, remediation, and abatement. That’s a good thing for you! It means that you are in far more experienced and informed hands than most Americans.

The Wide World of Mold

Not only is there a lot of mold in Florida, there is also a wide variety of it! Some of it is especially dangerous. Stachybotrys, commonly called black mold, is one of the extremely dangerous toxic molds commonly found in Florida. If it sounds familiar, it should. It is extremely dangerous and can cause permanent neurological damage. That, along with the respiratory illnesses, skin irritations, and damage to vision are likely enough to make you pay attention. 

Even if the mold in your home isn’t toxic, it can cause serious and lasting illnesses if you are especially sensitive to it. Cold and flu like symptoms, dizziness, cold and clammy skin, heart palpitations and migraines are all common symptoms of mold sensitivity. 

That being said, some molds are helpful and make our lives better! Penicillium, for example, is the mold that Alexander Fleming used to discover penicillin. And mold is all over our grocery stores. Mushrooms are fungi and that delicious hunk of blue cheese on your salad? That’s some tasty mold, isn’t it?

This is why it’s so important to get the mold in your home tested. Not all mold is the same, but it’s impossible to tell them apart without proper, professional inspection and testing.



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Florida Mold Laws

Florida Statutes §§ 46S.S4–.S424

Establishes a state mold-related services licensing program for mold assessors and remediators. Sets forth examination requirements, as well as requirements for education, training, and insurance. Authorizes the state to collect application and licensing fees. Establishes penalties for violations and addresses conflict of interest involving assessment and remediation activities. Requires the Department of Business and Professional Regulation to adopt rules to administer the program.

Florida Department of Health & Environmental Control





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