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Daytona Beach, FL Knows Bad Weather

Daytona Beach, FL, you are not alone. Growing up in Florida, I learned a thing or two about bad weather. When the news says a hurricane is coming, you’d better stock up on water, canned goods, butane for your camp stove, and puzzles. Why? Because it’s going to be a while before you have electricity again. Your tap water will be dangerous to drink. You’ll need that camp stove for cooking. And with no power, puzzles keep kids engaged for much longer than you’d think. But what about after the storm passes? As a little one, I didn’t realize that surviving the storm was only half the battle.

I remember the blue tarp rooves after Hurricane Andrew hit. I knew that meant people, like my parents, had to get new rooves. What I didn’t know was, that meant they were looking at a far more insidious opponent coming down the line.

After the Roof Is Fixed

After the repairs are made and the blue tarps go away, the coast is not necessarily clear. From the moment there is damage to your roof, windows, or walls, moisture starts to creep in. That moisture can seep deep into your home, meaning that even if you have your house fixed immediately, you’re not out of the woods when it comes to mold.

Mold only needs three things to survive. Food, air, and moisture. Food for mold is anything organic. Common building materials, drywall, sheetrock, and wood are all perfect for hungry mold. Air is pretty self-explanatory and we can’t do anything about it, either. That leaves us with moisture. Moisture is the one thing we have a fighting chance at preventing. But what about when we have damage to our homes and the moisture gets in? What do we do then?

That’s when it’s time to call us. At Mold Test USA, all we do is inspect and test for mold. We have answers to your toughest mold questions and will gladly give you those answers, over the phone, at no cost to you.


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