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Living the Salt Life in Jacksonville, FL

Living in Jacksonville, FL is something many people can only dream of. From our beautiful beaches to the Tree Hill Nature Center to Amelia Island, our lives are truly lived by the sea. If you’ve never lived on the beach, it may seem like one long paradise. For those of us who have been here for a while, it has its harsh realities. When a serious storm strikes, there’s a lot of damage that comes with it. Pretty much all of that comes with the potential for water damage. Whether it’s a loose shingle allowing a small amount of water to work into your ceiling or that same spot after 6 months, complete with bubbling paint and discoloration, water damage is about as common as the rain that causes it.

Being proactive, getting a dehumidifier into the room with water damage, is important. However, that doesn’t guarantee that you won’t have mold damage resulting from it. It will likely be a significant length of time before your mold problem has grown enough that you can see it with the naked eye. By that time, what could have been a small, easily cleaned up mold problem can develop into a large issue that can actually be the harbinger of serious structural damage.

Can’t I Just Clean Mold Up Myself?

The reason you are unlikely to see mold yourself for quite some time is simple. Mold is microscopic. By the time you can see mold, what you’re actually seeing is millions of mold spores, growing on top of each other like an apartment complex. Your first impulse may be to spray it with bleach and wipe it down, but don’t do that! Bleach does nothing to kill mold spores and wiping them down only releases them into the air. That will probably make any allergic reaction you have to mold even worse because it will further increase the levels of mold in your home.


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