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More Than One Big “M”

Most folks think of Mickey when they think of Orlando, FL, but mold shouldn’t be far behind that in your mind. In a town that thrives on tourism, there are a lot of people letting out their properties to multiple people a month. If you’re one of them, be aware that you’re likely to have mold issues at some point.

When people are on vacation, they tend to be… Forgetful. Going out for dinner and leaving a window open in rainy season is something a Floridian is unlikely to do. However, tourists don’t always understand Florida storms and their sideways rain that will get two feet into your house and mess up your nice hardwood floors. As if the warped floor boards and soaked furniture isn’t enough, underneath those floorboards there’s likely still moisture. That means there’s going to be mold soon enough.

Why Is Mold Inspection So Important in Orlando, FL Vacation Rentals?

Because people are constantly in and out of vacation rentals, the usual warning signs of mold, allergic reactions, aren’t as easy to pick up on. That doesn’t mean, however, that you should treat the threat of mold in your vacation rental with any less urgency than you would if it was in your primary residence.

Aside from the actual physical illnesses that come with mold, it is also a harbinger of doom for your home. The same issue that promotes mold growth, moisture on organic material, also promotes rot and decay. Knowing if you have a mold issue could also mean knowing if you have an issue that could affect the structural integrity of your home. That’s good to know any time, but especially when part of your income comes from said home being a safe and appealing place to rent. When you’re ready to have your home inspected, call Mold Test USA for a free, no obligation estimate. While we’re on the phone, we’ll answer all of your mold questions for free, too!


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