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Living in Paradise, Panama City, FL

Panama City, FL is dream vacation spot for most people. With 27 miles of white sand beaches, boutique shopping in the historic downtown area, and great music festivals peppered throughout, Bay County is the place to be for a year-round lifestyle that most would be jealous of. But what about when that year-round lifestyle is interrupted by severe weather? Whether it’s a full-on hurricane, a flood, or even mild tropical storm, all that water has to go somewhere and it normally ends up seeping into our homes. So, what happens when moisture settles into our walls, rooves, and foundations? In a word? Mold.

Paradise Lost

Mold is insidious. After you think you have the problem taken care of, the attic dried out and the windowsill calked, mold can and will take hold. Mold only needs three things to grow. Food, air, and water. Mold food is any organic matter. That means that drywall, wood, and sheetrock are all highly susceptible to mold damage. Air is pretty self-explanatory and totally impossible to avoid. That leaves moisture. Note that I said “moisture” and not “water.” That’s because mold doesn’t need standing water to grow. It only needs a little moisture. That means that the moisture that got deep into your walls before you got the dehumidifier from the hardware store sticks around and grows a colony of mold. Because mold is microscopic, it’s practically impossible to know you have mold until you have a full-on infestation. By then, a serious remediation may be necessary.

The fastest and most accurate way to know what, if any, kind of mold you’re dealing with, is to call Mold Test USA. We will come to your home or business and perform our thorough, 52-point visual inspection, along with air and surface sampling. Then we send the findings from your home to biologists and microbiologists who will send your results to you in easy to understand language. We take the guess work out of mold so you can rest easy in a safe home.


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