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As the ninth rainiest city in America, Tallahassee, FL is used to fighting floods. The state capital’s tropical environment and proximity to the Gulf of Mexico make it a prime location for heavy rainfall. Tallahassee, FL is equipped with holding lakes, ditches, storm drains and basins to absorb rainfall. Tallahassee is an urban environment with sidewalks and parking lots. Which contributes to more runoff.

Record Rainfall in Tallahassee, FL

Tallahassee experiences 59 inches of rainfall each year, and residents are used to battling rising water levels. During a wet spell, heavy rains raise the potential for flooding. Tallahassee did something to help combat this problem. Tallahassee became the first city in Florida to establish a public stormwater utility system in 1987. “It was because we had big portions of Tallahassee and some areas of the county that were floating away,” said former city commissioner Dot Inman-Johnson in an article.

Resources have been dedicated to removing water from streets. New efforts are focused on getting water out of homes. The city now requires all new homes to be built two-feet above the base flood level. This is a mandate to help developers build for drainage. Even with precautions in place, experts say sometimes flooding is inevitable.

The Effects of Mold in Your Tallahassee, FL Home

If you think there is mold in your Tallahassee, FL home, being proactive about is extremely important. The health risks of living with mold, even for a short period of time, are far more dangerous that you may know. Most allergic reactions are familiar to us. Sinus congestion, watery eyes, headaches, even asthma. We know those are tell-tale signs of allergens in our environments. Maybe reactions that we’ve never experienced and don’t even recognize as allergies? Mold can cause some seriously scary issues.

For those of us with sensitivities to mold, even non-toxic mold, the reactions can be terrifying. The reactions vary. Physical reactions like bleeding gums, irregular heartbeat, vertigo, internal bleeding, miscarriage, impotence, infertility, dermatitis, immunosuppression, and vomiting up blood aren’t where it ends. Hallucinations, slowed reflexes, anxiety and depression, seizures, even coma and death! Your lungs can even develop mold! Literally, mold will grow inside of your lungs. That’s just weird to think about.

Cut Mold Off at The Pass

How can you know if you have mold in your home or business? There are times where you ca see mold. There are times where you can’t see mold with the naked eye. By that time, an extensive and expensive mold remediation process may be necessary. Calling Mold Test USA is the first step to ensuring your home is safe and healthy. Call Mold Test USA, we will give you a free estimate. Most importantly, with no obligation to buy. Mold Test USA will answer any mold questions you may have. Again, with no obligation to buy anything. At Mold Test USA, our only concern is ensuring that you have a safe and healthy living environment. You can trust us to only have your best interest at heart.

‘FLOOD-PRONE’: As the ninth rainiest city, Tallahassee is perpetually at war with stormwater Was Tallahassee lucky in its meeting with Hurricane Michael? ‘A resounding yes’


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