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It’s hard to complain about living on the Gulf of Mexico… most of the time. In Tampa, FL, we have fresh seafood, exciting nightlife, and an endless summer. But what happens when that endless summer comes with bad weather? Hurricanes aren’t just a cocktail to those of us who deal with the realities of coastal life. They’re a very real and powerful force that shapes the way we spend our time and money. Of course, there are some years that we are somehow free of truly terrible storms. And thank goodness for them, because when we get hit, we get hit hard.

Even if we aren’t directly hit by a hurricane, if there is one in the Gulf, we feel the effects. In fact, Tampa Bay is the most vulnerable metro area in the country when it comes to storm surges. When the big storms come, and boy, do they, we feel them.


All that Water Doesn’t Just Disappear

So, what happens when the weather turns and the wind and rain comes? Very little good, as far as we humans are concerned. At the very least, we’re looking at storm surges, sometimes massive ones. Storm surges can mean more than just some water spraying over a seawall. They can mean flooding of epic proportions. Not just boats tossed out into the Gulf of Mexico, but cars tossed down streets, to say nothing of houses ripped apart by rushing waters. At the very least, you’re looking at water damage from leaking rooves and windowsills.

Even minor water damage can cause massive mold problems. Because mold needs moisture, not water, to develop, it can be incredibly hard to even identify if you even have a mold problem. That’s where we step in. Mold Test USA offers a thorough, 52-point visual inspection, plus air and surface sampling, to ensure that if there is mold in your home, we will find it and guide you on your journey to a safer, healthier home.

Tampa is no stranger to extreme weather. From hurricanes, to flash floods, mudslides and more, our beautiful coastal city is as vulnerable as it is resilient. In 2015, Tampa Bay was named the nation’s most vulnerable metro area to storm surge floods caused by hurricanes. Water is a way of life for us Floridians, and becomes part of the experience of living on the Gulf Coast. We take precautions to weatherproof our home — but how much attention is paid to eradicating moisture to prevent mold?

The Tampa Bay Times recently explored how climate change is affecting our health. According to the article, “With our changing climate we are seeing more extreme weather occurrences like flash floods and hurricanes, too. More frequent flooding means more mold. Mold can cause disease through toxins that are released and then inhaled.” Not all mold is toxic. But without a formal mold test, it’s impossible to know what kind of mold is in your residence.


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