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Hurricane Parties

No one knows hurricanes quite the way a Floridian knows hurricanes. West Palm Beach, FL gets hit pretty much every time a hurricane churns up in the Atlantic. Even if it’s not a direct hit, the storm surge can cause serious flooding and water damage. So, what do Floridians do? We throw parties. If we have kids, we buy them puzzles for when the power goes out. We buy our bottled water, canned goods, and propane in June so that when August and September roll around, we can buy a bottle of wine on the way home from work and hunker down for the weekend.

You could say it’s hard to scare a Floridian.

It’s Not Always Festive in West Palm Beach

Even the best prepared Floridian knows that they are at risk when it comes to hurricanes. We have parties because it’s better than sitting around worrying about what’s happening to your home. Especially since what’s happening to your home is rarely good. Shingles fly off like they’re made of tissue paper and Elmer’s Glue. Objects fly through the air, taking out windows and cars and anything else in their way. Pool enclosures seem to pick themselves up and relocate to your neighbor’s pool, whose enclosure has already moved on to the nice family down the block. All of this chaos can spell big trouble, and big water damage, to even the strongest, most hurricane-proof home.

After the immediate cleanup is done; after the blue tarps come off our rooves, the plywood is replaced by new windows, and the new pool enclosure is put up, there’s a more insidious foe to content with: mold. When even the slightest bit of moisture gets into our homes, we have to worry about mold. But what is the best way to react to this threat? By being proactive. Having your home tested for mold in the few weeks following a major storm is not only a smart idea, it can be a life-saving one for anyone with mold sensitivities. Don’t let the after effects of a storm be as catastrophic as the immediate effects. Call Mold Test USA today and let us get to work for you.


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