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Above Average Precipitation Level

Mold Test USA Albany GA BuildingHello there Albany GA! If you are wondering about mold in your Albany home, we can tell you where to look and also some signs of mold exposure. Albany GA is a typical southern town in not just appearance but climate as well.  A hot and humid summer is no stranger to Albany. In the mornings during the summer, humidity is almost always over 90%. That is a lot of moisture in the air to start the mornings off. Besides the humidity, Albany has a high constant precipitation level throughout the year.

Albany, on average, gets more precipitation than the rest of the Nation.  In a lot of aspects it is definitely better to get more rain as opposed to less, but a lot of rain and moisture can also be destructive in other ways. If your home is not protected properly, a lot of problems could arise. You should make sure that your roof doesn’t have any leaks. If any type of water damage goes untreated for too long, mold can start to grow and destroy whatever it’s growing on. Since you aren’t always in your attic, it’s a good idea to do a walk through every once in a while. Check for any water damage, possible visible mold growth, or any obstructions to the roofing. Make sure you look thoroughly at the insulation, support beams, and attic flooring for any microbial growth.


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Albany, Georgia Mold Growth in Crawlspace

Albany GA Crawl Space Mold GrowthBesides your attic, your crawlspace is somewhere that needs to be protected from the elements as well.  More homes than not in Albany GA have crawlspaces. All crawlspaces should have a moisture barrier to avoid any water intrusion or moisture damage. If your moisture barrier is damaged there is a good chance that there could also be some mold growth under your home. Even though you do not actually live in your crawlspace and it is outside of your home, it is still important to make sure that it is mold free. About 40% of the air you breathe in your home comes from your crawlspace. If there is mold in your crawlspace, that same mold is most likely making it’s way throughout your home.

There are thousands of types of molds and they all come in a variety of colors. Usually mold is accompanied with an old, musty smell. A lot of times you will smell the mold before you actually see it. Keep your eyes and nose open! If you do happen to find any visible mold growth or believe there is a mold problem anywhere in your home, call Mold Test USA to speak with a mold specialist about your situation.  A mold specialist will be able to set up a mold inspection for your home. Remember, the longer you wait, the worse the situation will get!


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