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 Different Types of Mold, Columbus GA

Columbus Ga CityHello to all of you in Columbus GA. If you are looking for mold inspection or a mold test, then call Mold Test USA today. We have mold consultants waiting to speak to you about your particular mold situation. Living in Columbus, mold is probably no stranger to you. You probably have known someone, met someone, or even had your own experience with mold. The climate in Columbus makes it easy for mold to grow pretty much anywhere. The summer brings overwhelming heat and humidity to the area, which is just what mold loves and needs to thrive.  There is some type of mold in basically every home in America.

The reason why mold inspections are necessary, is to differentiate between the non-harmful molds and the toxic molds.  Each person does react differently to each type of mold, but there are some molds that are toxic and dangerous to your health no matter who you are! Unfortunately mold comes in a variety of colors and textures, so it is hard to identify specific mold just by the color or texture. With mold testing done by Mold Test USA, you will be able to find out what specific type of mold is growing in your home and if it could potentially be dangerous to you and your family’s health or not.


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How often You Need to Check for Mold, Columbus GA?

Columbus GA Flood - Mold Testing and InspectionsIf you previously had mold in your Columbus home, it is important to have your house periodically inspected for mold. When the mold was removed from your home, there could have been some microscopic mold spores left behind. Any form of excess moisture in your home can turn the remainder mold spores into colonies over time and you will once again have a mold problem. Usually mold is more noticeable in the Spring and the Summer because of the warm and humid climate.

It is recommended that you have a mold test or mold inspection done three or more times a year in your home. This is especially true if you have had previous toxic mold growth in your home or any form of water damage. It is better to catch mold growing in your home sooner rather than later. Any situation that involves mold, only gets worse with time.


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