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Dalton GA TheatreHello everyone in Dalton GA. If you are looking for a mold inspector, mold test, or mold remediation then Mold Test USA is the place to call at 1-877-701-2606. Let the trained mold consultants walk you through the mold inspection process and answer any questions you may have about mold. Mold growth is prevalent in Dalton GA because of the climate. It is generally warm in Dalton GA, even the winters are very moderate. The average humidity throughout the year barely dips below 50% humidity. The constant humidity is just the type of moisture needed for mold to thrive.  Besides just the humidity, the precipitation is constantly higher than the US average throughout the course of the year. If your home is not protected properly against the humidity and precipitation, then it is very likely that there could be a mold issue. To try and prevent mold growth, your home should never have humidity levels higher than 50 percent.


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Water Damage, Dalton GA

Train_Downtown_Dalton,GAEmployees at a local courthouse knew about mold all too well when a water pipe unexpectedly burst in the courthouse. The employees were moved out of the building to a temporary location because the entire courthouse, both stories, became flooded. After a week the employees were told they had to move back into the courthouse. The courthouse employees were told that it was in the “people’s best interest” for them to return. When they returned, it reeked of musty, old mold and mildew. No one really thought of the health of the employees! There were spots of mold everywhere throughout the courthouse. Besides just the mold and flooding, the courthouse had problems throughout the building. There were leaks in the roof, horrible electrical wiring, falling air ducts, and many other issues that overwhelmed the courthouse. Many employees sent in complaints to OSHA, but unfortunately since it is a federal department, OSHA does not handle county or state buildings. The courthouse employees were left in limbo to see who could actually force the county to remediate the mold. All the while, they were working and breathing in a mold-infested environment. This type of environment is not okay for anyone to work or live in. Mold can be very detrimental to one’s health. It is shocking that the county did not have the courthouse remediated when the situation first occurred. When dealing with water damage and mold, situations only get worse with time. This goes for in your business or in your home. This story is a good reminder that mold can grow anywhere, not just in your home. If you happen to find evidence of mold in your business or home, call Mold Test USA. Our mold specialists will walk through the situation with you. Don’t delay, call Mold Test USA right away!


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