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Gainesville GA PlazaHello there Gainesville GA! If you are looking for a mold inspection, mold test, or a mold remediation call Mold Test USA. A trained mold consultant can help you through your particular mold situation and answer any questions you have about mold. Gainesville GA has seen a lot of rain and humidity in the past year. The precipitation average in Gainesville was double the Nation’s average consistently throughout the past year. That is a lot of rain to mix in with the warm summer heat. This, in turn, creates a muggy, humid blanket over Gainesville during the warm seasons.

It is important that your home or business is protected properly from excessive moisture. If not protected properly, there could be opportunity for some serious mold growth. It is important that your home does not exceed levels of 50 percent humidity. Mold tends to grow around windows, in bathrooms, laundry rooms, and crawlspaces. If you happen to see any visible mold growth or suspect any mold growth in your Gainesville home or business, call Mold Test USA and set up a mold inspection with our trained mold consultants.


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Mold Exposure in Hospital, Gainesville GA

A hospital local to Gainesville had its own experience mold.  Unfortunately some mold was discovered in the educational wing of the hospital. It was never said exactly what kind of mold was plaguing the hospital, but there were some employees that had to be treated for respiratory issues. Luckily the mold did not spread to areas of the hospital where patients were being held and employees were relocated out of the building. There was supposedly a moisture issue in the educational building which therefore caused the mold growth.

The excessive rain and humidity that Gainesville received over the summer probably did not help the building’s moisture issue either. The mold was cleaned up in the building and thankfully it didn’t spread anywhere else throughout the hospital. This is a good example of how potentially dangerous mold can be. The employees of this hospital didn’t live there, they just simply worked there and some of the employees still suffered from toxic mold exposure. They started experiencing the early symptoms but luckily the mold was discovered before anything evolved into something more serious.

Mold can be very dangerous to your health and your home or business. The trained professionals will answer any questions you have and guide you on what steps you should be taken next.


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