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Don’t Do-It-Yourself in Lavonia, GA

In Lavonia, GA, we take care of ourselves. We fix our own leaky faucets, mow our own grass, and we can change our own oil, thank you. Because of this self-reliant ethic, it makes sense that if you think you have a mold problem, you would grab one of those DIY mold test kits from your local hardware store. They seem simple enough. You lay out a petri dish to collect samples of the air in your home. The idea is, the petri dish will collect whatever, if any, mold spores fly through your home. Then, if mold grows on the dish, you send it to a lab where their diagnostic team finds out what kind of mold you have in your dish. But here’s the problem. All of the petri dishes grow mold because there is mold in every home in Lavonia, and the USA.

Why Mold Test USA?

Those petri dishes collect whatever settles down to them in your home. Their scientists can tell you what type(s) of mold you have, but they can’t tell you what the levels of those molds are. And that’s an important thing to know.

When it comes to non-toxic mold, unless you have allergies to that specific mold, it is possible that you won’t even need to hire a remediation service. Why is that? Because there is mold everywhere. The only time it is a real problem in your home is when mold levels are elevated when compared to the levels outside of your home. That is, if there are more mold spores in the air inside of your home than there are outside of your home. If the levels of mold aren’t elevated, then you’re probably fine.

If the levels of mold in your home do indicate a problem, our thorough, 52-point visual inspection with air and surface testing will tell you not only what those levels are and what types of mold you have, but where specifically in your home they are most elevated. What’s more, we can tell you which areas in your home will facilitate more mold growth.

Calling Mold Test USA is an important first step to tackling your mold issue. Even if you choose not to hire us, we will answer all of your mold questions over the phone, for free!


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