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Early Warning Signs

In Macon, GA, like anywhere else, mold is insidious. You don’t always see it coming and once it’s there, it’s not easy to get rid of. Consequently, being proactive when you have the slightest sign of moisture damage in your home or business is extremely important. Moisture damage often comes from severe weather, like the weather we often get off of the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic. Those beautiful storms, full of thunder and lighting, are also full of potential when it comes to mold. So what are harbingers of mold that you can look out for?

If, after a big storm, you notice any moisture inside your home, take note. Whether it’s a loose shingle letting small amounts of water in, to a windowsill that doesn’t have the same barrier power it used to, little things can lead to a big problem.

Heat & Humidity in Macon, GA

It doesn’t take water damage to your home to cause mold to grow. The levels of heat and humidity in Macon are more than enough to encourage mold growth. It’s all about levels of relative humidity.

In the summer, we all keep our air conditioners running full time. Because of this, our homes are about 10-20 degrees cooler than the world outside. Those huge temperature differences, mixed with the high humidity levels, mean condensation has a chance to form every time we open our door. When the hot, humid air from outside rushes into our homes when we open our doors or windows, it hits cold pipes, counters, and other surfaces. That causes condensation to form. If that condensation forms in places we don’t notice, say, windowsills, pipes under our sinks, or in nooks and crannies in our homes, it can settle into the material around it. Material like drywall, wood, and sheetrock. That moisture seeps into those porous surfaces and disappears. Until a few months down the road when you’re sneezing for some unknown reason.


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