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Much Ado About Mold

If you think you have mold in your Marietta, GA home or business, there’s a lot to consider. What kind of mold is it? Is the mold toxic? Is it a problem you can take care of yourself or do you need to hire a remediation company? And if you do need to hire a remediation company, isn’t it better to have your inspection done by a one-and-done company, instead of hiring separate companies for each service?

You’ve come to the right place for all those questions.

Answers, Not Sales Pitches

First, let’s talk about mold inspection. Mold inspection is something that a lot of companies say they do, but very few actually do well. At Mold Test USA, all we do is mold inspections and testing. We do not offer remediation services for a couple of reasons. The main reason being that offering mold inspection and mold remediation is kind of like checking your own homework. How can you be sure that your remediation service has been completely properly if the people performing the remediation are checking their own work? Not only that, but if an inspection is little more than a precursor to a bigger sale, the remediation service, how can you be sure you even need the remediation service? Without having an independent inspection performed, both before and after a remediation, you can’t be sure of either of those things.

Different Molds, Different Solutions

Second, let’s talk about different mold. Basically, molds are either toxic or non-toxic. There’s a ton of variety in both of those categories, but for now we’ll stick to the two big groups. Mold inspection lets you know if your mold is toxic or non-toxic. It also lets you know if those molds are at levels higher than their levels outside. That’s important because, unless there’s more mold inside your home than outside, it’s not really a cause for alarm. If you have an inspection performed and the mold in your home is non-toxic and not at elevated levels, you may be able to take care of the problem yourself! That means potentially saving hundreds of dollars on unnecessary mold remediation.


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