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Savannah is located on the coast of Georgia in the heart of the low country. The climate of Savannah is one of any southern coastal town. Very hot and humid summers and cool winters make mold a local in Savannah. The abundant rainfall every year, does not seem to alleviate the mold issue either. If you look in your Savannah home, you will more than likely find some mold, and if you do call Mold Test USA to find out what can be done and how mold can potentially harm your health.


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A Story of Mold Exposure in Savannah GA

Savannah GA FloodOne woman in Savannah GA rented out a portable storage unit for some belongings. After six months Ms. Mildue’s* storage unit was opened, and there appeared to be visible mold growth everywhere, even inside closed containers. The storage facility was climate controlled, so it is hard to figure out where the mold could have possibly come from. Some of Ms. Mildue’s items might have had some mold growth prior to being stored.

The dark enclosed environment of the storage unit would then give the mold the ability to run rampart on the rest of the stored items. Ms. Mildue never noticed any mold growth when storing the items, so there has to be another cause of this spontaneous mold growth.  After further inspection, some items appeared to have some water damage.

There was a dresser that looked warped and deformed from water exposure. The storage facility checked Ms. Mildue’s storage unit for any potential leaks, but there were none to be found. The client who previously rented the unit, never found any mold growth on her items. In fact there were only two recorded “minor” mold cases since the storage facility first opened. Unfortunately for Ms. Mildue, the cause of the mold infestation was never found, and she had to pay thousands of dollars out of pocket to have the salvageable items professionally cleaned.

In Ms. Mildue’s case she should have called Mold Test USA first and had the furniture tested for mold to make sure that it was not any form of toxic mold. If toxic mold was found, she should have disposed of the contaminated items in order to prevent toxic mold growth throughout her home. Toxic Mold can not only be damaging to your home, cut can also be detrimental to your health. If you happen to find any potential mold growth on personal items or mold growth in your home or business, call Mold Test USA at 1-877-701-2606 to have a mold test done. You will be able to find out if you are being exposed to toxic mold and the potential side effects from being so.

** The name was changed to protect the victim. To read the full published story, Click Here.



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