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Warner Robins GA AirplaneHello, everyone in Warner Robins, Georgia! If you are in need of a mold inspection, mold test, or a mold remediation in your Warner Robins home or business, Mold Test USA has trained mold specialists that would be happy to answer any questions you may have about mold and can book a mold inspection for your home or business.

Last year the warm months brought a lot of rainfall to Warner Robins, Georgia and other parts of Georgia. A lot of homes and buildings weren’t prepared to endure the severe rains and, in turn, a lot of these homes had water intrusion or humidity issues. Humidity levels inside a building or home should never exceed 40 percent. This can help prevent mold growth and excess condensation. The heating and air system in homes acts as a natural dehumidifier. Unfortunately, not all HVAC systems can keep up with the humidity in your home, so an actual dehumidifier can do the trick. Usually, homes and buildings have the most issues with water intrusion around windows and doors, or in the attic through unknown leaks in the roof. If you believe that there is a moisture or mold issue in your Warner Robins home or business…


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A perfect weather for Mold Growth

Warner Robins GA Flooded roomWarner Robins GA was voted the best city to raise a family in. This among many other things, make Warner Robins a wonderful place to reside. Unfortunately the climate makes Warner Robins a perfect place for mold to reside as well. Mold is not only dangerous to your home, but also dangerous to you and your family’s health. Toxic mold exposure is a lot more common than one would think and it also is not diagnosed right away. The symptoms of toxic mold exposure are very similar to other diseases and illnesses which make toxic mold exposure the most misdiagnosed illness in the country. Someone suffering from mold exposure can start off experiencing chronic headaches, respiratory issues, burning eyes, coughing, and heightened allergies. Everyone reacts differently but all together toxic mold exposure can end up to be life threatening. Even if there is no visible mold, it can still be harming you. The mold in your home and your mold exposure symptoms will only get worse with time. This is why mold inspection and mold testing is so important to have done at the first sign of mold growth. Speak with our mold consultants about the symptoms you have been experiencing and your particular situation and they will answer any questions you might have.


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