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Mold Testing & Mold Inspection Company in Boise, ID

Mold Test USA’s team of licensed and expert inspectors located in Boise, Idaho visits the client’s premises and spend a few hours comprehensively evaluating every facet, right from the basement to the roof and everything in between. Our certified inspectors look forward to having you around throughout the inspection process. It helps to get acquainted with the location better.

You can rest assure about unbiased results that we deliver. It is simply because we are just inspectors, not a remedial provider. The samples collected are sent to endorsed laboratories only for the most précised results. If the results showcase the need of mold remediation or removal, our expert inspectors can assist you through the process proficiently.


Get Rid Of Mold in Boise, ID

Mold Test USA guarantees that your struggle to locate the best mold testing and inspection services in Boise, ID ends. Our best in class services makes certain to provide a healthy, clean and safe environment for you and your family.


Why Is Mold Test USA Different From Others?

  • Our qualified and skilled mold inspectors inspect your property at any designated time, according to your flexibility.
  • The latest tools and technology we make use for the purpose of testing and collecting samples add to the value of Mold Test USA in Boise, ID.
  • We conduct special training sessions for each mold inspector after every certain duration of time, so as to be aware of the latest trends prevailing in the industry.
  • We offer you précised estimates prior we initiate our assessment and evaluations.
  • We are the exclusive service provider in mold testing & inspection industry that incorporates the expertise of experienced Biologists and Microbiologists to get the most accurate results of the samples collected from your property.


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Mold Test USA is “Your Personal Mold Consultant!”

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