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Weather Has a Huge Effect on Mold in Evansville, IN

The weather in Evansville, IN varies a lot. With an average low of 22.6°F in January and an average high of 89.4°F in July, not to mention monthly precipitation averages in the 3”-5” range, mold seems inescapable. It is common to think of mold as an issue only faced in the summer, when the long hot days broken up by rains seem to brew the perfect conditions for mold. You may not even realize how enticing the winter months can be for mold.

What Makes Winter So Ideal for Mold Growth

Well, one of the first things we think of, when we think winter, is snow. That’s just frozen rain. When it falls onto our rooves and our windows, it can seep into the drywall and wood of our homes. That creates an ideal mold environment.

Additionally, the drywall, sheetrock, and surfaces of closets and nooks, common along exterior walls, are commonly filled with mold. Because they are significantly colder than the rooms in the interior of the home, they have a higher relative humidity (RH), while all rooms have the same water vapor pressure. This creates ideal conditions for rampant mold growth. If you find mold growth in corners of rooms during winter months, it is likely that the adjoining room’s RH is 70% or higher.

What’s more than that, when we open our doors and windows repeatedly, often in an attempt to “air out” our home, we are facilitating condensation-encouraging mold. When freezing cold, damp air comes into our warm homes, it hits hot water pipes, furnace covers, and tucked away spaces behind laundry machines and refrigerators. These places are rarely wiped dry, so they can allow mold to grow unchecked.

An important thing to remember is to keep your home as air tight as possible, especially when these extreme weather conditions cause the ambient temperatures in and out of our homes to vary greatly. Above all, refrain from airing your home out if you believe you have a mold problem. As odd as it seems, you could be encouraging more mold growth. Instead, call Mold Test USA and we will be happy to answer your questions about mold and how it can affect your health, and the health of your family, for free!

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