Why Have a Mold Inspection & Test Before Remediation Services?

There are several reasons to have a mold inspection, and mold testing, performed before you even consider calling a mold removal and remediation company.

First, it’s important to remember that there is mold literally everywhere in the world. Unless you live in a hermetically sealed bubble, you are likely going to breathe mold spores in today! And for the most part, that’s really nothing to worry about. Mold exists for some really important reasons. For example, it’s nature’s number one agent for breaking down organic matter. Without mold, we’d be surrounded by food scraps and dead leaves. The problem comes when the levels of mold inside of your home are higher than the levels outside of your home. So, Mold Test USA checks for mold levels, not just for the presence of mold.

Second, remember that not all mold is toxic and, therefore, not all mold problems require costly removal and remediation services. There are some molds that you can take care of on your own! Think of the money you can save by not having to call a mold removal and remediation company out to your home!

Third, if you’re having allergy problems and find they are worse when you are in your home, the chances are pretty high that you, a) have mold in your home, and b) that even if that mold is non-toxic, you are sensitive to it and should find out what kind of mold it is. When we perform our inspection of your home, we send our findings to biologists and microbiologists, working in accredited laboratories, that can answer any questions you may have about the mold(s) in your home!

Fourth, you can take those results to your doctor, giving your them insight into what ails you and allowing you to take back your health.


There are times when it is especially important to get a mold inspection:

  • When moving into a new home, whether it’s a new build or not
  • Any time there has been water damage in your home
  • In an apartment or condo, when your adjacent neighbors have had water damage or mold problems of their own
  • If someone in your home has been chronically ill without explanation
  • You smell a musty odor
  • You see what appears to be mold, or a dusty coating, on surfaces in your home
  • Items in closets smell musty or have a white, snowy growth
  • Any time you’ve had plumbing issues
  • There are places in your home where excessive moisture exists
  • Leaks in your roof or foundation are identified
  • You find condensation on your pipes or behind appliances
  • You have standing water under your home
  • Your crawl space does not have a vapor barrier or is not properly encapsulated
  • If you have children, the elderly, or anyone with a suppressed immune system living in your home
  • Before any mold removal or remediation is performed, to establish a beginning mold spore count
  • Immediately after any mold removal or remediation is performed, to ensure the job has been done correctly and that the mold spore count is back down to healthy levels


Why Not Utilize the “All-In-One” Packages Offered by Remediation Services?

On the surface, hiring one company to both inspect your home for mold and perform the removal and remediation services may seem like a great idea. Especially when they offer package deals that seem too good to pass up. There are, however, some things to note before doing this.

First is that their inspectors are not trained and certified in mold inspection. Most states don’t even require inspectors to be certified or specifically trained for mold inspections. That means that the person inspecting your home won’t know the ins and out of mold inspection the way we do. Each one of our over 200 affiliate mold inspectors are highly trained and certified, far beyond industry standards and legal requirements!

Second, and just as importantly, if your inspection is performed by a removal and remediation company, they have a financial reason to find dangerous mold in your home. Those companies do not make their money from inspections, they make it from removal and remediation services. The impetus is to find mold that requires expensive follow-up services, not to look out for your best interests. At Mold Test USA, all we do is mold inspections and testing. We have no reason, financial or otherwise, to find mold in your home. In fact, nothing makes us happier than telling people their homes are safe and healthy!

Third, when you hire Mold Test USA to perform your inspection, you have an ally through the entire process. If our inspection uncovers mold problems that require removal and remediation, our job isn’t done when we give you the results of our tests. When you book the mold removal company of your choice, let us know. We’ll come back before the removal service is complete, before they leave the premises, to reinspect your home. We do this to ensure that the remediation company has completed their job, leaving you with a safe and healthy home for you and your family to live in.

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We have experienced mold specialists standing by to answer any questions that you may have regarding residential and commercial mold testing and mold inspections!



CALL 1-877-701-2606 TODAY!

We have experienced mold specialists standing by to answer any questions that you may have regarding residential and commercial mold testing and mold inspections!