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Iowa City, IA is forever changed since the Iowa River crested at 31.53 feet. 8 feet above the flood stage in 2008. Floodwater saturated basements and living areas, leaving many floodplain residents eager to accept buyouts from the state and relocate. While one family took matters into their own hands and raised their home 10 feet, new or “substantially-improved” buildings in the floodplain must be “elevated or floodproofed to 1 foot above the 0.2 percent annual-chance flood elevation,” according to the city. A $40.5 million Gateway project is also underway to elevant flood-prone streets. And building a 17-acre park designed to take on floodwater when it needs to.

What Causes Flooding in Iowa City, IA

Many factors affect flooding in Iowa City. Coralville Dam outflows, rainfall from the Iowa River basin, and local rainfall all impact Iowa River levels. The city is also impacted by flash flooding from Ralston Creek and heavy rainfall. An abnormally wet fall and winter is increasing the likelihood of major flooding this year in Iowa City, but the city feels more prepared than ever to weather potential damage.

Mold Environments in Iowa City, IA

Just as the city pivoted to fight water damage, so should homeowners. DIY methods of flood clean-up can help mitigate moisture, but there is no guarantee that your home is free of microbial, or mold, growth. Has your home suffered from water damage or has wet materials like carpeting and drywall, call Mold Test USA. We are certified mold testing that can provide peace of mind. Our mold test results reveal the source of moisture and mold growth. Also what type of mold may be present to help you combat potential health risks.

If you have questions about mold testing, or the effects of recent rainfall or flooding in Iowa City, call Mold Test USA today. Whether you decide to hire us to perform your comprehensive mold inspection or not, we will be happy to answer your questions, for free, over the phone, with no obligation.


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