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It’s Not All Bluegrass and Mint Juleps

Mold is a serious problem for us here in Louisville, KY. Our weather fluctuates between warm and humid and cold and humid, leaving us no time when we’re not at risk for mold problems. One of the scary things about mold illness is that, for the most part, the early symptoms are much like symptoms of the common cold or any other allergy. Itchy, watery eyes, sinus congestion, sore throat, and the like. Unfortunately, these symptoms can rapidly worsen into things like migraines, chronic sinus infections, jaundice, low blood pressure, irregular heartbeat, asthma, vomiting up blood, pulmonary hemorrhage, depression, anxiety, hallucinations, coma, and death.

If this list seems long and scary, google for yourself the effects of mold on humans. It’s terrifying and all too common.


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Beyond Industry Standards in Louisville, KY

At Mold Test USA, we take what we do seriously. Most companies that offer mold testing and inspection services do so in conjunction with mold removal. That means they have every reason to find mold in your home, whether it is really there or not. If they find mold, they can “remove and remediate.” That’s where they make the bulk of their money and that is why they can offer mold inspection services at such low costs.

What they don’t tell you is that these “inspectors” rarely have any formal training or certification. In most states, none is required, and that’s scary. We do things differently. Every one of our over 200 affiliate offices hires only the best in their field. Each one of our inspectors is highly trained and certified, far beyond government regulations. Any mold inspection or remediation company will tell you that they have trained inspectors, but when you ask for their certification, they can’t show you any documentation.

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