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Mold may seem like a pretty boring thing. We’ve all been told that it’s a problem and that if you find mold in your Abita Springs, LA home, you’re going to have to have an expensive remediation performed. And sometimes, that’s true. But sometimes, it’s not that dire. Sometimes the mold you have is a small problem that you can easily take care of by yourself. Sometimes what you think is a problem might not even be mold! That’s why having a mold inspection performed before hiring a remediation company is so important. It is also important to hire an independent mold inspection company, instead of having a remediation company perform your inspection and then, if “necessary,” perform your remediation.

Why “Do It All” Companies Don’t Do Much Good in Abita Springs, La

It may seem like a no-brainer. You see an ad for a company that specializes in remediation, offering discounts on mold inspection. Or even free mold inspection, if you have your remediation performed by them. But do you see what they’ve done there? Instead of offering an inspection free of further sales-gimmicks and come-ons, they’re basically telling you, “we’ll inspect your home and when we find mold, we’ll take care of it.” There is no “if” involved. Why not? Because they don’t make their money from inspections, they make it from remediation.

At Mold Test USA, all we offer is mold inspection. No removal or remediation. We do this for a couple of reasons. The first is, if we offered lots of different services, we couldn’t give inspections the dedication that they absolutely deserve. We couldn’t focus on constantly working to be the best in the industry, which we are. The second reason? Specializing in one specific thing keeps everyone honest. When we perform your mold inspection, our only focus is whether or not there is mold in your home. We have no reason to tell you that you need remediation if you don’t. Unlike those “do it all” companies, we have no financial reason to upsell you on more services. In fact, we don’t even have other services to upsell to you.

Not only that, if we inspect your home and find that you do need mold remediation, our job isn’t done. When you book the remediation company of your choice, let us know. We’ll come back to your home before the remediation company has left and reinspect your entire home. We do that to make sure that the remediation job has been completed and that your home is safe and healthy. That’s what we care about at Mold Test USA, the health and safety of you, your family, and your home.


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