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Whether it’s running on the Mississippi River Levee Path, an educational trip to the Louisiana Art & Science Museum, or enjoying some of the delicious food available at the many restaurants along the waterfront in Downtown Baton Rouge, LA life on the Mississippi can be a beautiful thing.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t come without its drawbacks. When it rains, as it often does, we worry about what those rains will bring. Will it flood again? What happens if the levee isn’t tall enough? Even if the rain isn’t as heavy as it can be, a small leak in your roof or a section of wall that needs to be fortified can allow moisture to settle into your home and create an ideal breeding ground for mold.

Every Storm Can Be the Perfect Storm

Mold needs very little to bloom. It requires air, food, and moisture. So, let’s break that down. Air is, thankfully, all around us and can’t be helped. Mold “food” is basically any organic matter. The sheetrock, wood, and drywall that most homes are built of is all delicious to mold and can’t be helped, either. That leaves us only able to control the moisture level in our walls and other parts of our homes. Note that I say moisture, not water. Mold doesn’t need much moisture to grow, which means it’s easier than you might expect to have a safe home suddenly become overrun with mold. The slightest leak in your roof, a window that doesn’t seal properly, even a crack around your door, can provide just what mold needs to do a lot of damage in a relatively small amount of time.

What Can I Do to Keep My Home Safe?

The first thing to remember is that a dry home is a safer home. We live in a humid and rainy climate. Because of this, being proactive at the first sign of moisture is a good idea. Investing in a large dehumidifier, designed to pull moisture from the air, is an investment worth making. Ensuring that any home repairs are done quickly and professionally is also important. And because even the smallest bit of moisture can facilitate mold growth, call Mold Test USA at the first sign of moisture in your home or walls. We will happily answer your mold-related questions over the phone – for free!


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