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Do I have mold in my Shreveport, LA home or business?

Likely, yes. Shreveport, LA summers are HOT and HUMID. Because of that, our state an accelerated breeding ground for mold and mildew, which means you’re pretty much guaranteed to have mold in your home at some point. The good news is, not all mold is toxic. There are over 100,000 varieties of mold in the world and most of them are actually helpful. Penicillium, a fuzzy green mold that grows on bread is also what penicillin is made from. And if you eat blue cheese, you’re eating penicillium. Delicious, pungent mold. In fact, mold exists partly to decay organic materials. Without mold, we’d be surrounded by mountains of garbage and lawn clippings and fallen leaves.

Having mold isn’t necessarily a thing to panic about. Because mold is everywhere, literally everywhere, unless you live in a medically sealed bubble, you’re probably breathing some in right now. Surprised? The issue comes when the levels of mold inside your home or business or higher than the levels outside. Or when the mold inside is toxic, like the famous “black mold.” Or if you, or someone in your home, is especially sensitive to whatever mold is in your home or business.

When Should I Worry?

If you, or someone else, are having symptoms of mold sickness, that’s something to worry about. If you can smell mold, or see it building up on your walls, windows, or possessions, then it’s time to worry. But, instead of immediately calling a mold remediation company, it is wise to call a certified, reputable mold inspector.

Mold remediation companies often offer special deals on inspections. If they find mold during their inspection, they’ll take care of it for you. All one neat package and a “deal.” What’s not to love? What they don’t tell you is that their “inspectors” are rarely, if ever, certified. And they have a good reason to find mold in your home. If they do, they’ve made an extra sale. They are the ones finding the mold and removing the mold. There’s no one to check their work. Or to even see if there really is mold to worry about.

Your Trusted Mold Testing & Inspection Company

At Mold Test USA, all we do is mold inspections. We do not offer remediation or removal services because it is a conflict of interest. That means that you can trust the results you get from Mold Test USA. We aren’t trying to upsell you anything because we have nothing to upsell. Our only concern is your health and safety.

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