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Memphis TN skylineMemphis, TN is home to blues, soul and rock ‘n roll. But its proximity to the Mississippi River also makes flooding a local resident of the southern city. The Memphis flood stage is 34 feet. A flood stage is the level of which a body of water has risen to inundate and threaten a property not normally covered by water. The city remembers The Flood of 2011, when the Mighty Mississippi crested at 48.1 feet. This flood put Beale Street Landing, parts of Riverside Drive and all of Tom Lee Park underwater.

Heavy rainfall causes the rising river water levels. Memphis, TN experiences an average of 111 days of precipitation per year, and 54 inches of rain annually. To help mitigate flood damage, the city enacted the Flood Control System, a series of levees with gates and pump stations to remove storm water. Public works crews also work overtime to clean out catch basins. But low-lying areas are always at risk.

Why Should I have a Mold Inspection in Memphis, TN?

There are many reasons to invest in a mold inspection after a flood. Even if your home doesn’t experience significant water damage, untreated mold growth can increase repair expenses and create further damage. Another reason is because many flood insurance policies will not pay for claims made weeks or months after an incident — which is how long it can take a mold colony to appear visually in your home. Getting certified mold testing right away can make sure you are protected and covered by insurance.

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