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Mold, Your Health and Environment

Mold can be very beneficial in our lives. You can find mold just about everywhere. Unfortunately, this also includes mold growing inside of your home in Flushing, Michigan- where it should not be. When you come across mold in your home or business, this certain mold should be removed as soon as possible so that it does not have the opportunity to cause health related problems.

Yes, mold can case health related problems. Even for those who are healthy as can be. If mold is in your home and does not get removed, mold can cause a rash if you touch mold with your bare skin. Mold releases tiny spores. When those spore are breathed in, they can cause, a sore throat, upper respiratory infections, trouble breathing, fatigue, to name a few reactions to breathing in mold spores. That is not all mold can do to your health.


Do I have a Cold or is it the Mold?

A good way to figure out if you have a cold or other sickness or are battling with a mold allergy can be to leave the location where you  are showing symptoms of a cold. When you are away from said location, may it be in your home or business, for a few hours and you all of a sudden are no longer battling with a runny nose, itchy eyes, sore throat, fatigue etc., then it might be that you may have mold in your home or business. If that is the case you need to consider calling experts to inspect your home or business, to collect samples and have them tested. However, if you are away from said business or home for a few hours and continue to have cold like symptoms, you may just have a cold or other sickness.


Specialized Mold Testing & Assessment in Flushing, Michigan

Comprehensive Mold Testing & Inspection Services in Michigan

Mold Test USA caters state of the art mold testing and mold inspections in Flushing, Michigan. Mold Test USA has been featured on CBS including a global interview on “MSN” and “The Weather Channel” which discusses Mold Test USA’s credibility throughout the United States. Mold Test USA is one of the oldest and the most reliable mold testing & assessment companies in Flushing, Michigan.

Mold Test USA has the expertise from our certified inspectors. We house the latest tools of modern technology. Our professional and certified mold testing inspectors with years of experience deliver the most promising results without a hitch. If you are suspecting the presence of mold on your property or business, Mold Test USA will be your perfect service partner in Flushing who will proficiently cover all steps within Mold Test USA’s mold inspection and testing process.


Why to Choose Mold Test USA?

Below, we have listed a few reasons listed that make you choose Mold Test USA in Flushing in Michigan.

  • We have a comprehensive lineup of licensed vigorous inspectors who go through detailed training prior scrutinizing any property
  • We can inspect any property, be it a commercial or residential
  • For accurate assessment and interpretation of results, we collect the right samples using modern tools and latest technology
  • The laboratories we synchronize with are equipped with experts technicians and high tech equipment
  • We are the sole company encompassing the services is microbiologists and biologists to analyze the results
  • We are not a mold remediation company so you can rest assure with the results delivered
  • We are a BBB accredited business with A+ rating that contributes significantly to our value added mold testing & inspection services
  • We are the largest and the premium service providers
  • We are just a single phone call away


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