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Pretty much everything on earth including Jackson, MS, can develop mold, given the right environmental factors. In fact, mold exists for a very good reason: to break down our garbage. Well, not exactly. Mold breaks down anything organic, that is, naturally occurring or made of naturally occurring things. Food, wood, biodegradable diapers, you name it, mold can probably destroy it. Thanks to mold, we do not live on a huge garbage mound, surrounded by the leaves of millions of fall days in the past. Mold also works in other amazing ways. The mold penicillium is actually what gives us the drug penicillin. And that same mold gives blue cheese its blueness and its strong flavor. With all the good things that mold can do, we should be grateful for its existence. Unfortunately, there are many types of mold that can also do a lot of harm.

Mold Can Wreak Havoc

You may know about the issues that the Jackson-Hinds Library Systems have had with mold brought on by leaks in the aging buildings. Both the Eudora Welty Library and the Charles Tisdale Library have endured serious mold issues for some time.


Aside from being a danger to the many books housed in these libraries, mold is also a danger to the health of the librarians and every guest they welcome.

Mold can also have serious and even life-threatening effects on people, especially children, the elderly, and those with compromised immune systems. With symptoms of mold illness ranging widely from cold and flu like symptoms to tingling skin, dramatic weight loss, chronic fatigue, asthma, hair loss, and suppressed immune response. If you think you are being effected by mold, in your home or business, calling Mold Test USA is an excellent first step to getting back on your feet again.


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