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What Do I Do If My Apartment Has Mold?

New Jersey Image SlideAre you worried that your New Jersey apartment has mold? Do you smell something suspicious? Or can you see mold forming on your walls or possessions? You have a right to know if your home is healthy and safe. If it isn’t, you have a right to have your mold problem taken care of by your landlord. That is part of what you pay rent for. If you have talked to your landlord about your possible mold problem and haven’t seen any action, take heart. You have options, there are ways you can be proactive to take care your mold problem and look out for your health. If your landlord tells you that they have checked your home and there is no mold, but you are experiencing mold illness-like symptoms, it may be time to call for a second opinion.


What Are Your Rights as A Tenant?

In most states, you cannot legally force your landlord to have your home tested for mold, which means that you will likely be the one footing the bill for mold inspection. This may seem like a setback, but there are upsides to paying for mold testing yourself. If you hire Mold Test USA to inspect your apartment or home for mold, we are working for you and you alone. You will know that the results you receive, regardless of what they are, are accurate and unbiased. Not only that, if you do have a mold issue, at which point your landlord is legally obligated to remediate any and all mold in your home, we’ll come back before the mold remediation company leaves to ensure that the job was complete. We’re in your corner, not your landlord’s or the remediation company’s.


What If My Landlord “Takes Care” Of My Mold Problem?

If your mold problem is visible and undeniable, your landlord or rental company may decide to remediate the mold themselves. This will not only be unsuccessful, it can and likely will be, dangerous. It is likely that your landlord will want to wipe the area with a rag, spray bleach on it, and paint over the affected area. The only thing this will do is cause mold spores to fly through the air at ever higher rates. Any mold related symptoms you have been feeling will likely be exacerbated by the increased amount of microscopic mold now in your air.

The only safe way to remediate a mold problem in your home is to have a professional remediation company come in and do so. Just like the only way to know if you truly have a mold problem, or much worse, a toxic black mold problem, is to call a mold testing and inspection company. Since 2008 Mold Test USA has been the most trusted name in mold testing and inspection, and for a good reason. We will do anything we can to ensure that your home is safe and mold-free, you have our word.


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New Jersey Mold Laws

New Jersey Statutes § 56:S-19.1

Limits liability of licensed real estate brokers or salespersons for communicating false, misleading or deceptive information, where the licensee had no actual knowledge of the information, and made a diligent effort (e.g., obtained a property disclosure report from seller) to ascertain whether the information was false or misleading. State real estate commission property disclosure form adopted pursuant to the law (N.J. Admin. Code 13:45A-29.1) includes disclosure of number and location of carbon monoxide detectors, as well as disclosure of the presence of mold, lead-based paint, urea-formaldehyde foam insulation, asbestos, PCBs, other toxic substances, and any condition that adversely affects, or possibly adversely affects, the quality of air on the property. Disclosure form also includes a section providing information about radon testing results, though sellers can opt to provide this information at the time of the contract for sale.

New Jersey Statutes §§ 34:6A-1 et seq.

Requires that every employer furnish a place of employment that is reasonably safe and healthful for employees and authorizes the state to adopt rules. Rules adopted under the law (N.J. Admin. Code 12:100-13.1 et seq.) establish safety and health standards for public workplaces, including certain requirements for addressing indoor air quality. The rules require that employers develop a plan for complying with the regulatory provisions and designate a person who is responsible for ensuring compliance. The rules also require employers to: establish and implement a preventive HYAC maintenance plan that includes a number of specified practices; undertake certain prevention and clean-up practices for microbial contamination; protect indoor air quality during renovation; respond to IAQ complaints; and keep and make available records of maintenance activities.


New Jersey Department of Health and Environmental Control





Let experience guide you!

Mold Test USA is “Your Personal Mold Consultant!”

CALL 1-877-701-2606 TODAY!

We have experienced mold specialists standing by to answer any questions that you may have regarding residential and commercial mold testing and mold inspections!