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Mold in The Big City of New York, NY

New York, NY is the center of the universe. We have literally anything you could want, and it’s normally in the bodega downstairs from your apartment. But living in a city of almost 9 million people isn’t always that convenient. With this many people, we’re pretty much all packed like sardines into tiny apartments that can’t really hold all of our stuff. And being packed into those tiny apartments means that most of us have upstairs neighbors who control more of our fate than they, or we, realize.

Say your upstairs neighbor runs a bath and, while the tub is filling, gets a phone call. She forgets the tub is filling until it’s too late. There’s water all over her floor. It gets onto her carpeting and underneath the wood flooring and even if she gets it dry as quickly as possible, that moisture is still there. It sticks around and seeps deeper into her floor, your ceiling. Then the mold comes. Long after the tub overflow is forgotten, the mold is still around.

Not Just Your Neighbors

Even if you are on the top floor, you are still at risk for water seeping into your apartment from the roof. We get some powerful storms here in the city and if the roof of your building isn’t in the best shape, rain water can get in and cause mold to bloom all over the place. I lived on the top floor of a building once and my landlord wouldn’t pay attention to me when I told him there was a leak in the roof, causing my ceiling to become discolored and saggy. One night, we had a heinous storm and I woke up to my ceiling dumping water onto my floor. About five minutes after I put a bucket under the leak, my roof fell in.

Literally. It fell in on me. No forgetful upstairs neighbor necessary, just a lazy landlord and some rain. When it fell in, I could clearly see all the mold I had been fearing, and having symptoms of, that my landlord had also ignored. In fact, lazy and callus landlords are such a problem in NYC that Public Advocate Letitia James has decided to take on not just the landlords, but the banks that fund them.


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