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Lake Life in Rochester, NY

One of the biggest draws to living in Rochester, NY is being able to enjoy beautiful Lake Ontario. Boating, fishing, and just hanging out on a sunny day, it’s hard to beat lake life. But living so close to a huge body of water has its drawbacks. Especially when the rains come hard and fast and that beautiful lake floods. Lake front homeowners know all too well the perils of flooding. From sump pumps running around the clock to building walls of sandbags, it’s not always a vacation experience. This brief article gives you a tiny glimpse into the potential heartache of living on a flooding river.


What Environment Does Mold Grow In

It doesn’t take a flooded home to put you in danger of a mold infestation. Even the fluctuating weather doesn’t help. Our summers get warm and humid and our winters are cold and damp, to say the least. So, what does that mean for you?

In the summer, we turn out air conditioners way down. When it’s balmy outside, walking into a nice, cool home is wonderful. But every time you open your door, or open your windows to let a fresh breeze in, you’re putting yourself at risk for mold. When warm, humid air gets into your cool home, it hits cold surfaces like cold water pipes, windowsills, and cool countertops. This causes condensation to form on those surfaces and, if those surfaces aren’t constantly wiped down and kept clean, it is easy for mold to form and go unnoticed.

The reverse is true in the winter, when we turn our heat way up. Rooms, nooks, corners, and closets on exterior walls become breeding grounds for mold. The temperature inside is much warmer than the temperature outside, and that raises the relative humidity (RH) levels, causing, you guessed it, condensation to form on surfaces that tend to go unseen. Have you ever pulled out your favorite pair of leather sandals after a long winter and wondered where that white, smoky looking stuff on them came from? That’s mold, and it came from unchecked condensation in the back of your closet all winter long. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. In this case, the fire raging in the back of your closet can cause scary health effects.

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