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Specialized Mold Testing & Inspection Services in Staten Island, New York

Mold attacks in Staten Island do not differ from other cities located in the United States. Both residential and commercial properties located in the area of Staten Island can become infected with molds. To receive the best remedies to safeguard your property, the first step is to get mold testing & inspection services. Mold Test USA provided mold testing and inspection services in Staten Island, NYC since March 2009. Mold Test USA is your trusted mold experts. Providing a team of insured, certified and licensed mold experts that help inspect your property and a team of biologists and microbiologists who test and analyze mold samples collected. With an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB), you can be sure that Mold Test USA will help you through the mold testing and inspection services in your home or business- no matter the size.


Opt For & Rely On Trusted Mold Testing and Inspection Services in Staten Island, NY?

There are numerous mold testing and inspection service providers in Staten Island, New York. Mold Test USA is the largest and most recognized company that delivers prompt results. We successfully deliver results within a committed time duration. With the integration of Mold Test USA’s best in class technology and equipment and scientists ready to test and analyze mold samples, you are sure to receive unbiased results. Rely on mold testing and inspection services by Mold Test USA. A few other reasons why you can rely on Mold Test USA:

  • Mold Test USA has an A+ rating from the BBB
  • Mold Test USA has a complete team of certified and licensed mold testing & inspection assessors who have gone through strict frameworks prior to becoming licensed
  • Mold Test USA is an exclusive mold testing company in Staten Island, NYC that incorporates the expertise of professional biologists and microbiologists to analyze mold samples collected from the premises
  • Mold Test USA is always backed with modern equipment and cutting edge technology which helps Mold Test USA deliver the most accurate unbiased results. 


What Environment Does Mold Survive In

You can find mold both indoors and outdoors. In order to flourish, mold grows best in damp, warm, and a humid environment. Mold spreads by reproducing spores. These mold spores can survive in the most harshest environments. When mold does not have it’s required and ideal environment, mold will stay dormant until it has its ideal environment. If you suspect that you have mold in your home, you must not continue living in such conditions. Mold can have a negative effect on your health.


Mold Exposure

Mold exposure can lead to a persons health to be effected caused by mold’s interior environment. If mold is left untreated inside of a property, the risks that you put your health may include mold allergy symptoms and signs such as wheezing, watery eyes, coughing, congestion and skin irritations. These symptoms can happen to the healthiest of people. Sever mold exposure reactions may include fever and shortness of breath. Control mold growth by controlling the moisture in your home.


Who Do I Call For Help If I Suspect Mold

If you suspect mold on your property, you must call mold experts to confirm your suspicion. Call mold Experts Mold Test USA. Mold Test USA will help you by meeting you on your property to do a walk-through of your premises and collecting mold samples to have tested. Mold Test USA has laboratories with licensed biologists and microbiologists to analyze the samples of mold that had been collected. Mold Test USA does not benefit from a mold presences because Mold Test USA is not a remedial company. Mold Test USA is here to help with testing and inspection services. Once our scientists have gathered the results, Mold Test USA will review the unbiased results with you.


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