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Not Necessarily a Safe Space

In this era, when we send our kids off to Charlotte, NC schools, we worry about them. We worry about them getting to school safely and on time, about them being bullied and about the unthinkable. We don’t often think to worry about mold, though. Safety from mold is something we tend to take for granted. Unfortunately, we shouldn’t. Mold is sneaky and it can pop up when and where we least expect it. Not only that, it can quickly escalate from a small spot to a large-scale infestation, requiring time-consuming and costly removal and remediation. Especially in our humid environment and old buildings, it can become a serious issue. Mold is even scarier in schools because children are especially susceptible to serious mold-related illnesses.

Student and parents at this West Charlotte demanded action when kids started taking shocking pictures of mold and even mushrooms growing INSIDE of their school!

An Invisible Invasion in Charlotte, NC

The pictures of the obvious mold problem in Bruns Academy are remarkable. But even when we can’t see mold, it can cause serious issues. The symptoms of mold sickness can start out like any other environmental allergy. Issues like sinus congestion, itchy eyes, and a sore throat can quickly escalate. Hallucinations, migraines, asthma, internal bleeding, jaundice, even coma and death can result from untreated mold problems.

Every person is different and that goes for symptoms of mold-illness, too. One person may have no reaction at all to mold, while another person may have an extraordinary sensitivity. This is why it is so important to take seriously any complaints that sounds like mold sickness. If your child is complaining of these issues, take them to the doctor immediately. If they seem to get sick when they are in school and start to feel better when they are not in there, it is a good indication that there is mold in the school. Likewise, if they are sick at home and feel better at school, you should have your home tested as soon as possible for mold.

There is no such thing as “too safe” when it comes to the health of your child. Call Mold Test USA today to ensure that your child has a safe environment to come home to.


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