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Mold Is Multipurpose in Roanoke Rapids, NC

Given the right environmental factors, mold can grow on pretty much anything, in Roanoke Rapids, NC and beyond. And in some cases, that’s not a bad thing. Mold exists to break down organic matter. That means things like leaves, leftover food, and old clothes are welcoming homes to mold. In fact, it’s this hospitableness to mold that allows us to live the lives we do. If it weren’t for mold breaking things down, we’d all be living on a giant garbage heap.

Not only that, mold is helpful in plenty of other ways. Alexander Flemming accidently discovered that the mold Penicillium has antibiotic properties and was able to make Penicillin, a lifesaving antibiotic that most of us have had numerous times in our lives. What’s more, Penicillium is also what makes blue cheese blue and tangy. Fungi, in the form of yeasts, are commonly used to leaven bread. Everything from pizza dough to the bread your grandmama made have fungi in them!

Molds can be amazing and wonderful things. They can make our lives safer and tastier! However, not all molds are so friendly. In fact, some are very dangerous. And to people who are especially sensitive, all molds can cause serious harm.

Mold Sensitivities and What to Do About Them in Roanoke Rapids, NC

Some of us are not very sensitive to mold. That means that we can live in a home with mold and, aside from the smell or appearance of dusty mold on our favorite leather shoes, we might not even realize we have a mold problem. However, some people are extremely sensitive to mold, even non-toxic molds. For these people, mold allergies can start out like normal environmental allergies with a sore throat and sinus congestion. Unfortunately, those easily treatable symptoms can spiral into some scary affects. Jaundice, rashes, asthma, migraines, chronic fatigue, hair loss, anxiety, depression, coma and death can come from mold exposure.

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