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Coastal Living in Wilmington, NC

It’s no secret why we love living in Wilmington, NC. It offers big city amenities with small town charm and plenty of coastal fun. Unfortunately, it can also come with some downsides. With almost 60 inches of rain annually and a whole lot of coast line, Wilmington is a breeding ground for mold. And while the battle against mold can be an epic one, you’re not in it alone.

Mold Is Insidious

Mold doesn’t need much to survive. Air, food, and moisture. Air is pretty self-explanatory and impossible to avoid. Food is any organic material, like wood, drywall, and sheetrock. Not much can be done to avoid those things, either. That only leaves us with moisture to fight. Note that I said moisture, not water. That’s because mold doesn’t need standing water, or even much moisture at all, to flourish. It grows in tight corners, nooks that rarely get noticed, and inside your walls and ceilings. So, what can be done to fight it?

Inspect First, Remediate If Necessary

Calling Mold Test USA should be your first step if you think you may have a mold problem in your home or business. Why not use a remediation company for your inspection? Especially if they offer free or reduced inspections? Well, frankly, it won’t be free. Having an independent mold inspection company, like Mold Test USA perform your inspection means that you know you will get an honest and thorough inspection. We offer nothing but inspections, so we have no reason to tell you that you have a mold problem if you don’t. What’s more, even if you have a mold problem, you may not need to have a remediation company come in. If the problem is small and non-toxic, there’s a change you could even take care of it on your own.

Any remediation company that offers inspections does so as a sales pitch. If they don’t find mold in your home, they don’t make any money. Their goal is to find mold. Our goal is to ensure that your home is safe and healthy. That’s a big difference that you can take to the bank.


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