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The Safety of Your Health and the Ideal Mold Environment

There are good molds and there are bad molds. The mold and fungi that you find outside of your home are the molds that play an important role by breaking down organic matter. These outdoor molds of fungi are good. The molds that you find inside of your home aren’t so much. Mold can grow anywhere as long as they have the three nutrients they need to survive which are moister/water, oxygen and an organic source (food). Mold does not rely on sunlight which means that in the hard to get corners of your home or property, you can have mold rowing as long as the mold has the three nutrients to survive.

When you are exposed to mold in your home or business, this can have severe consequences. With indoor mold, your health can become affected. If you live with others, their health can also be affected when living with molds in your dwelling. To name a few mold reactions/symptoms: respiratory issues, flu-like symptoms, circulatory problems, skin irritation and more. Sever reactions to mold are but not limited to: fever, shortness of breath, and infections in your lungs.

If your home has had flooding, water leaks, condensation etc, it is recommended to receive mold testing and mold inspection on your home or business. If you are unsure if you have had any water problems and do not yet display any symptoms or reactions but would like to receive testing on your home or business, you must call a mold testing and inspection service provider. Your mold testing and inspection service provider comes to your property to do a walk through of your property and collect samples to be sent to be tested.



Remediation vs Mold Testing and Inspection

When one suspects mold on their property, what is the first step to take to ensure what you are seeing really is or is not mold? How does someone go about doing such tasks? Do you call a remediation company to remove what you suspect is mold or do you call a company who can perform an inspection on your property and collect samples to test in their laboratories? The answer is simple. If you are unsure if what you see on your property is or is not mold, you will have to call a mold testing and inspection company first.

Let’s go over why a remediation company is not your first call to make. A remediation company strictly comes into your home or business and does not test if what you suspect is mold or not mold and begins to treat without knowing in detail the facts. This can become a problem quickly. Because a remediation company does not test throughly before or after, you never know if the services were needed or if they fixed the problem.

A mold testing and inspection company’s goal is to help the client and guide them through the mold testing and inspection process by answering any questions and collecting samples from your property. This is exactly what you need if you are unsure if what you see on your property is or is not mold.



Specialized Mold Testing & Inspection Services in Alliance, OH

Why You Should Opt For & Rely On Mold Test USA?

Mold Test USA is not a remedial company. Mold Test USA preforms mold testing and inspections in Alliance, Ohio. Providing services to both commercial and residential, regardless of their size. Mold Test USA has been successful in providing services in Alliance, Ohio since March of 2009. To get the best possible remedies to safeguard your loving home or business, you must first receive mold testing and inspection services. Mold Test USA can help you with that! It is crucial to assess your problem as soon as you suspect mold in your home.

There are numerous reasons to trust the mold testing and inspection services by Mold Test USA as mentioned above, here are just a few more reasons why you can rely on Mold Test USA:

  • Mold Test USA provides a team of certified and licensed mold testing & inspection assessors who go through strict testing and training prior to getting licensed and joining the Mold Test USA team.
  • Mold Test USA is an exclusive mold testing company in Alliance, Ohio that incorporates the expertise of biologists and microbiologists to process the mold samples collected from your property.
  • Mold Test USA is backed with modern and cutting edge technology that helps Mold Test USA deliver accurate unbiased results.
  • Mold Test USA in Alliance, Ohio are known for unbiased results as Mold Test USA does not provide any type of remedial services and solutions. Mold Test USA is only here to help inspect your premises and test samples collected.
  • Mold Test USA offers you instant no obligation quotes.


Mold Test USA’s Mold Testing and Inspection Process

Mold Test USA is your go to mold testing and inspection company. We have licensed mold assessors who have gone through vigorous testing before joining Mold Test USA. Our licensed assessors visit your home to thoroughly walk through your property, inspecting and collecting mold samples. Mold Test USA encourages you to be present throughout the process of the walk through. Samples that have been collected, are sent to our endorsed laboratories and processed through modern and state of the art technology by our biologists and microbiologists. Once thy have gathered the needed information, Mold Test USA presents to you the unbiased results. From that point, you either call a remediation company to remove molds on your property or simply keep those results in file in case you sell your property and would like to ensure potential buyers of mold testing being done and mold not being found.


Prompt Mold Testing & Inspection Services in Alliance, OH

There are numerous mold testing and inspection service providers in Alliance, OH but how many of them are known for their reliability and promptness? Mold Test USA is the largest and the most recognized company known for the promptness of our results. With the integration of best in class equipment and technology, we successfully deliver results within a committed duration of time.


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