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Can’t I Just Get a DIY Kit in Columbus, OH?

You go to work every day in Columbus, OH, look after your family, and even more, earn everything you have. If you can do something for yourself, then, why hire someone to do it? That logic makes sense for a lot of things in particular, and it’s easy to apply it to a potential mold problem. So, you’ve probably seen those “do it yourself” mold testing kits at the hardware store. They seem simple enough and above all, promise to save you money.

In reality, it’s just a petri dish and some goop. You set it out and wait. Then, you send it to the company and for a “small” fee and they tell you what kind of mold you have in your home. Then you decide what to do from there. However, what they don’t tell you is, everyone has mold in their home. It is literally impossible to live in a mold-free environment unless you live in one of those plastic bubbles. Mold is everywhere and having certain molds, at certain levels, isn’t necessarily a problem unless you have heightened sensitivities to them. It’s when those certain molds are at elevated levels that you really need to worry. Those diy test kits? They can’t tell you what the levels are.

The Professional Inspection Difference

When you hire Mold Test USA to come to your home or business, you get complete and detailed results, not half-truths meant to scare you. Above all, each one of our over 200 affiliate mold inspectors are highly trained and certified far beyond industry standards. We offer a thorough 52-Point visual inspection, air and surface sampling, and follow up consultations. After your inspection is performed, we then send our findings to biologists and microbiologists who work to interpret your results and translate them into easy to understand answers for you.

You’ll know exactly what kinds of mold are in your home, where they are, what their levels are, and what we recommend you do next, whether it’s removal and remediation or an easy cleanup. Not only that, but if removal is advised, we will come back when the remediation company of your choice performs your service, before they even leave the premises, to ensure that they have done their job effectively and completely. Lastly, with Mold Test USA, you are not alone in your fight against potentially hazardous mold.

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