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City Life is Complicated in Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia, PA is a large city with 1.6 million people. Like most cities of that size, we have a lot of high-rises and above all, old homes broken down into apartments. When you live surrounded by other people on all sides, there is a lot that is out of your hands. If your upstairs neighbor takes a bath in their leaky tub, you may not know that the moisture is going through their floor and into your ceiling until it is too late and your ceiling is leaking, also. And then, it doesn’t even have to be just one floor down. Instead, moisture can travel easily through drywall and wood, allowing mold to spread far and wide.

Like in most big cities, there will be landlords in particular, who try to take the easy way out. If they in any event, can see the mold, they’ll likely try to spray it down with bleach and wipe it with a rag. The easy way out under those circumstances, is rarely the right way to do things, and this is not different. Spraying the mold with bleach in short, will do nothing to kill it. Also, wiping it with a rag will only release more mold spores into the air, putting you and your family at an even greater risk of mold sickness.

Furthermore, if mold levels are elevated in your home, those mold spores are likely falling onto your furniture, not just staying on walls and windowsills. Thus meaning that even moving may not be enough to escape a mold infestation. While, relocating with your moldy furniture, without having it properly cleaned, can mean bringing the problem with you.

My Landlord Is Ignoring My Problem

If your landlord refuses your requests for a mold inspection, or just outright ignores your pleas for help, then, the best course of action may be to be proactive on your own behalf. While paying for a mold inspection can be an unexpected, and unwanted, cost, it is one well worth paying. If you hire Mold Test USA to inspect your home, we are beholden only to you. You alone get the results of your inspection, so you are armed with all the information possible and can proceed as necessary.


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