Greenville, SC

A Note About Mold in Greenville, SC

Greenville SC Reedy RiverBuying a new home is both exciting and stressful. It is very simple to overlook hidden problems that come along with this process as well. Greenville SC is a very nice place to relocate to and purchase a new home. Which is exactly what one family thought when they purchased a steal of a foreclosure in Greenville SC. The Brown family were planning on fixing the place up, doing some remodeling, and make it into a nice and cozy home to raise their growing family in.  Upon some remodeling work, the Browns found a secret room, hidden behind some bookcases. In the hidden room, that seemed ass if it could be from a haunted mansion, there was a mysterious note that was titled “You Found It!”. Unfortunately for the Browns, the ‘it’ that the note was referring to wasn’t anything to get excited about. According to the note, this room was filled with….mold. The note said that the hidden room had toxic mold in it and the previous owner’s children got really sick and they had to move out. He left a way to contact him so that the new owners and finder of the secret room, could learn more about the mold problem. Considering the Browns had a 2 year old daughter at the time, they did not want to risk her getting as sick as the previous owner’s children. The Browns had a professional mold inspection to make sure that there was actually mold present in the home. The home was highly elevated in Stachybotrys, Aspergillus and other molds. Stachybotrys is more commonly referred to as black toxic mold. That was the Browns cue to pack up and move out.


Get a Professional Mold Inspection Before Purchasing a Home

Buying a home is a very stressful process no matter what city you live in. There are hidden dangers to every home that you might not know about when purchasing the home. It is always a very good idea to have a professional mold inspection done when buying a home, even if there is no visible mold in the home. Air quality sampling can be done throughout the new home to see if there are any mold spores present in the air that you and your family are breathing. When having a mold inspection done, it is important that you find a certified mold inspector. This way you can be sure that your inspector knows how to do sampling properly and will not disturb any mold colonies in the process.


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