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Perfect Weather for Mold Growth in Hilton Head Island, SC

Sea Pines in Hilton Head Island SC Mold Testing and InspectionsHilton Head Island is a beautiful barrier island off the coast of South Carolina. It is a more peaceful beach community that has developed the entire island while being conscientious to the environment throughout the entire process. There are several developing laws that were put in place to make sure Hilton Head does not turn into an overdeveloped madhouse. This makes Hilton Head Island SC a very appealing place to live for the more quiet soul. Living on an island comes with that wonderful vacation beach climate.  Humidity is consistent throughout the year. The humidity barely drops below fifty percent during the entire year. That makes one muggy environment. During late summer it doesn’t rain on Hilton Head Island SC, it pours. Hilton Head Island SC  gets almost nine inches of rain on average which is just about triple the Nation’s average at this time. That is a lot of water coming down on the town and it is surrounded by water on top of that!  With just these two factors alone, Hilton Head is the perfect location for mold. Mold needs moisture, a food source, and air to grow and survive. The food source is something for the mold to grow on like wood, drywall, or siding.  With all of these conditions, it is very important to make sure that your home is protected properly and you are taking the proper steps to prevent mold.


What you need to look for, Hilton Head Island, SC

Hilton Head Island SC Mold Growth in BathroomThere are different areas that you can look at in your home where mold is likely to grow. These are places where mold inspectors look during their visual mold inspection. You should be on the lookout in your Hilton Head Island SC home for any leaks or unsealed windows. Constant water intrusion from these areas make a wonderful place for mold to grow. It can take as little as twenty four hours for mold to grow after untreated water damage. So keep your eyes open! Usually any form of water damage will produce a toxic mold. Toxic mold is not only poisonous to your home but also to your health! Another good place to check is in your laundry room where the dryer spits out hot air. Sometimes the output is not properly set up, which can cause condensation or moisture. Your bathroom is a pretty obvious place to look. If you do not have a fan in your bathroom, it is even more likely to have some form of mold growth. If anywhere in your home you smell a musty, old smell, there is probably some mold hidden behind your walls or in your ceiling. If you do happen to find any possible mold growth find any signs of mold growth in your Hilton Head Island SC home, call and speak with a mold specialist at Mold Test USA. They will be able to help you through the precautionary steps on how to deal with your mold problem properly and answer any questions you might have.


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